Martin Green

My Name Is Martin Green, and I need your help!

Join me and dedicate your time to making a positive impact on the world around you!

This is your PERSONAL invitation to pickup a cause, stop working for corporate America and get involved with myself and a group that truly wants to make a positive impact on the world in our own way.

By joining me in a cause you can truly impact the world in your own way and receive the acknowledgment your efforts deserve.  I want to ask you to Signup and receive a website just like this one that you can use to help build yourself a support base to fuel your efforts as well access to the following forums:

One Voice Forum:  Ever wanted your voice heard to rally people to your cause?  Now you can post your concerns, views, or crusade in our forum and receive the support and help from dozens like yourself.  From writing letters, making phone calls, forming picket lines, or just raising the funds you need at critical times.. the One Voice forum can be a great asset to your efforts.


My name is Martin Green and I am a pastor. My wife's name is Sheila and she has early onset alzheimer's disease, I am self employed with no monthly income at the present time. Sheila is totally disabled with her disease and gets a small check from Social Security.

My cause is helping Sheila. It's a 24/7 job now, so I quit my job and we are now living on her small check from Social Security. I am trying to develop an income with a couple of websites that I operate, but I have not made any money from them. So, my cause is to take care of Sheila. Please, help my Sheila!


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